Steve Booton

Steve Booton was elected as the Labour and Co-Op Councillor for Weoley in May 2015 with a clear majority of 600 votes.

A fair deal for Weoley

Since his election, Steve has:

  • led the District Committee’s First Neighbourhood Challenge – aimed at tackling Anti-Social Behaviour Across Northfield and Weoley
  • fought to ensure that the provision of services for young people are maintained and improved in the face of Tory government cuts
  • continued the fight for a better bus service and
  • led our local campaign for a fair deal for Birmingham

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact Steve either by leaving a comment below or by clicking on the Contact menu above.

If you need help or advice, please come to:

  • Weoley Castle Library on the first or third Saturday of the month or
  • Allens Cross Community Centre on the second Saturday

between 1pm and 2pm or call Steve on 07830 945754.


7 thoughts on “Steve Booton

  1. Hello Mr. Steve Booton
    I’m Juan Domingo and Spanish, first I apologize for my English, because as you can see is not quite correct, I live here in the UK for eight months and in Birmingham two, I came to work and learn their language. In Spain I joined the Socialist Party and here I would like to join your party, I ask of you took the trouble to tell me where I have to address and to whom to inform me I’d appreciate it, I live in Weoley Castle and as I stated above my English necesitería not very fluid and a translator or someone who speaks Spanish, nothing more, just thank your attention and thanks.

      • Hello
        Thank you for attend to me Mr Michelle , that you are a very busy man and because of it it did not want to make him lose a lot of his valuable time, with the previous message what I was requesting was a direction where to go to put in touch with someone and that was facilitating to myself information about the alone Labour Party, it nothing more, thank you again for attending to myself.
        A greeting Juan Domingo

  2. Hello.
    Just want to thank your colleagues for arranging to take me to the polling station last Thursday evening. A lovely lady called ‘Madge’ rang and asked if ”I would be voting today” I’m glad I did.

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