Steve Booton is Standing Up For Birmingham

The Tory-led Government has unfairly CUT Birmingham’s funding this year by £149 per person.

The national average cut is just £45, so if all parts of the UK were having their budgets calculated fairly, Birmingham would be £79 million better off.

Next year will see a further reduction of £120 million, threatening more local services. Birmingham City Council has already had to lose 7,000 staff since the general election and more job cuts are on the way.

Weoley people can’t rely on local Tory councillors for a fair dealDespite these cuts, your Labour Council has been able to propose additional resources so they can:

  • support our hard-pressed children’s social services;
  • make sure older people being cared for is a top priority;
  • transform leisure services, including six new swimming and leisure facilities.

Steve Booton, the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for the local election, said: “I meet people every week out and about in Weoley who are really suffering under this Government.

“The bedroom tax has pushed some into debt and others are having to fight to keep their sickness benefits.

“We’re not ‘all in this together’. The vulnerable are being targeted, while bankers still get their bonuses. We need to get together to stand up against this and that’s what Labour is doing.”

Join our Standing Up For Birmingham campaign

Use our Contacts Page, leave a comment on the form below or come and meet us outside the Co-op on the Square between 12pm and 1pm most Saturdays.

Or call Steve on 07830 945754.


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