Prices are rising, temperature’s getting low

Weoley candidate Steve Booton joined MP Richard Burden on Northfield High Street to talk to local residents about their energy bills and to find out whether they support Ed Miliband’s call to freeze gas and electricity prices until 2017.

Steve said: “There was overwhelming support for the campaign with many people very keen to sign our petition calling on David Cameron to freeze energy bills and tell us their stories about how the high price of gas and electricity is affecting their lives. One woman swore she’d never vote Lib Dem again and said she’d never expected them to betray working people and make them pay for a crisis they didn’t create. Another told us how her and her husband just go to bed early so they can turn off their heating and lighting.”

Steve Booton campaigns for a freeze on energy prices

Calling for a freeze on energy prices: Steve Booton [2nd left] and
Northfield MP Richard Burden [right] are joined by Amy Watson and
Cllrs Andy Cartwright, Brett O’Reilly and John Clancy

Should Ed Miliband freeze gas and electricity bills?

Since David Cameron took office, the cost of gas and electricity has risen by £300 for the average household. The latest round of price hikes is forcing some families to make a stark choice between heating or eating, because they face a cost of living crisis, and having an adverse effect on small businesses.

You can sign the petition at the Weoley Labour Party stall every Saturday outside the Co-op on Weoley Castle Square from 12 noon. If you have any issues you want to raise with us or just want to chat, please come and see us.

You can also sign the Labour Party’s online petition at


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