Labour celebrates Birmingham election victory

Ed Miliband and Albert Bore

Ed Miliband congratulates leader of the Birmingham Labour group Albert Bore

Ed Miliband was in Birmingham to celebrate Labour’s victory in ending the eight-year reign of the Tory-Lib Dem coalition.

The Birmingham Labour Party inflicted bruising defeats on Tories and Lib Dems across the city to seize control of Birmingham City Council, the country’s biggest local authority outside London.

Speaking from the Council House, Sir Albert Bore, Birmingham Labour Group leader, said: “Some of these number are incredible, to have a 5,000 majority is something perhaps I’d not dreamt of tonight.”

Richard Burden, Northfield MP, said: “With the Northfield results all finally in, I’d like to congratulate Jess Phillips, Brett O’Reilly and Val Seabright. It was disappointing to lose Weoley by just 2 votes, but Steve Booton will be back!”

On a humiliating night for Tories and Lib Dems, the Labour Party took control of a series of key seats, including Bournville, Northfield and Harborne, while Sutton Vesey has the first Labour councillor in its history.

Birmingham now has 77 Labour councillors, 28 Tory and 15 Lib Dems. Labour gained 20 seats in all across the city despite a low turnout at the polls.

In Weoley, the Tories held by just 2 votes:

Ross Kendall Axe – Green Party – 239
Steve Booton – Labour Party – 2115
Eddie Freeman – Conservative Party – 2117 (retains seat)
Steven Alan Haynes – Liberal Democrats – 216
Leslie John Orton – British National Party – 213

Stats 2012:

Electorate: 18,027
Majority: 2
Total votes for ward: 4,900
Total percentage turnout for ward: 27.18%


One thought on “Labour celebrates Birmingham election victory

  1. I do not vote for eny party all M.P are over paid liars crooks and thieves you never don a days works in your life taxs payers money going down the drain get rid of all M.Ps and the contreys delt will go down a lot quicker sack all the lords wast of time money going down the drain

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