Steve Booton campaigns with Birmingham MPs

Steve with Richard and Liam

Steve Booton with Richard Burden and Liam Byrne

Steve was out knocking doors and meeting shoppers on Weoley Castle Square with two Birmingham MPs on Saturday.

Richard Burden, MP for Birmingham Northfield, and Liam Byrne, MP for Hodge Hill, both joined the Weoley Labour campaign team, along with Jess Phillips, the Labour candidate for the Longbridge ward to show their support.

Steve said: “It’s always fantastic to meet the people of Weoley and listen to their concerns. Many of them feel let down by the ConDem Coalition in Birmingham and the stall gives me the chance to explain why I hope to be their next Labour councillor. In tough times like these, Weoley needs a champion who will stand up for our community, protect local services, speak up for residents and work for a fair deal for our neighbourhood.”

Richard Burden said: “It’s important that local representatives are working in the same direction. An active Labour councillor in Weoley will give us the chance to complete the team in Northfield’s four wards.”

Steve’s pledge for Weoley

If I’m elected on 3 May, I pledge to:

  • set up a Forum with Bournville Village Trust, local housing associations and Birmingham City Council to improve housing in the area
  • lobby West Midlands Travel to improve bus services in the area
  • tackle anti-social behaviour by developing a partnership with the police, residents and other agencies in the area
  • ensure that young people have access to apprenticeships and training and employment opportunities

Compare this with the ConDem proposals

  • £5.3 million worth of cuts from our Children’s Centres
  • £1.9 million worth of cuts from the Supporting People programme, hitting our most vulnerable neighbours
  • masses of jobs lost in frontline services

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